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A Moment of Silence

50+ Black MN Voices in a Historical Moment of Transformation 

Edited by Shá Cage


A Moment of Silence offers unabashed accounts by Black artists in Minnesota facing The George Floyd Uprising and COVID-19.  The Anthology shines a light on a rich Minnesota literary community of leaders, activists, politicians, mothers, scholars, youth, and elders who speak truth and resilience at a time when it is needed most. Inspired both by the desire to imagine radical and futuristic realities and deeply moved by the assertion of political power and collective solidarity in the Black Community, this project boldly asserts,

'We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For'

An Online Literary Platform to Lift up Black MN Voices & Build Community
A Living Historical Archive
A Celebration of Blackness

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Chaun Webster  •   Rebecca Nichloson   •   Tylie Shider  •  E.G. Bailey  •   Stacey Rose  •  Beverly Cottman  •  Lisa Marie Brimmer  •  Marlon James   Shannon Gibney  •   Douglas Kearney   •  Junauda Petrus-Nasah  •  Malick Ceesay  •  Aimee K. Bryant   JuCoby Johnson  •  Kim Hines •  I Self Devine/Chaka MkaliTish Jones  •  Wisdom Young  •  IBé   •   Keno Evol   •  Andrea Jenkins  Sagirah Shahid  •  Truthmaze/William Harris  •  Angela Shannon • Alexs Pate  •  Candrice Jones   •  Sarah White Abdifatah Farah  •   Baba Louis Alemayehu  •  Sherry Quan Lee  •  Anton C. Jones  •   Harry Waters Jr.  Danez Smith  •   Carlyle Brown   •   Rohan Preston  •  Alexei Moon Casselle   •  Valérie Déus Mary Moore Easter   •   Michael Kleber-Diggs  •  Amoke Kubat  •  Atlese Robinson   •  Nothando Zulu  Oya Mae Duchess-Davis  •  Joe Davis •  Harrison David Rivers  •  Erin Sharkey  •  ShaVunda Brown Toki Wright   •   Taiyon J. Coleman  •  Arleta Little  •  Antonio Duke  •  Namir Fearce
Carolyn Holbrook    Kory LaQuess Pullam   Sha Cage

Image © Adja Gildersleve


By Editor, Sha Cage

We are gathered here in this virtual space of Blackness to speak our names.

To breathe air into our narratives and acknowledge their rightful place in history, and in this moment.

The writers here are essential, necessary, culture bearers to the geography we call home. Minnesota. We look not to other establishments to make room for us; for we will make our own beds, scented with rosewater and patchouli. In this living historical archive, we will document this and all that is held in-between. In a state where there are less than 6 percent of us, we find each other and we plant gardens in each other’s chests. We will meet the morning’s sunrise with a roll call of our loved ones. Those who have survived the pandemic, the bullets and the never ending list of isms that threaten to wear us down. We will say his name.

Daily our existence as Black bodies in white space is threatened. Yet, daily we lift up our joy, our truths, and our voices as an act of resistance! I invite community to pause and bear witness to what some of the leading Black voices of our time are saying/ feeling/ and existing at this moment of deep historical transformation.

A space where we stand together in mindfulness. In emotional liberation. Where we process and heal our trauma in green flourishing deliverance. Where we wake up and face the sun with hope and cosmic dreaming. Where we can still hear our ancestors’ whispers in our ears.

Where we sing to the babies on the shores of these 10,000 lakes, and they hopscotch and dig marble holes in the soft brown dirt. Where we are full from auntie’s garden blessings, and we can rest in handwoven hammocks around dusk, reading these pandemic survival uprising stories to each other. These blue-black-phoenix rising-making a way when there was none—we thrive in the presence of BLACK–oh-we-still-here stories. There is laughter and deep debate. Politicking and scribing. There is performance and revival here; for art is always at the center. There is remembrance. And always, there is a moment of silence.

For George Perry Floyd
For Breonna Taylor
For Philando Castile
For Jamar Clark
For Christopher Burns

For Those lost to Covid-19

For Mothers who stay up late waiting for daughters and sons who will never return

‘May Your Spirits Find Peace in Black Space’

© Tru Ruts 2020


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Featured Black Led Organization

Ambiance Theatre 

Featured Artists

Junauda Petrus-Nasah

Kim Hines

Toki Wright
rap lyricist

Valérie Déus

E.G. Bailey

Malick Ceesay

Keno Evol

Tylie Shider

JuCoby Johnson

Nothando Zulu

Sarah White

ShaVunda Brown
playwright/rap lyricist/poet

Alexei Moon Casselle
rap lyricist /songwriter

Baba Louis Alemayehu
poet/spirit mender

Taiyon J. Coleman

Truthmaze/ William Harris
rap lyricist/musician

Namir Fearce

Sha Cage

© Tru Ruts 2020