The Anthology 


By Sarah White

Black Mothers.
A sweet love breath, deep from earth to crown.
An exhale collective, as we prepare for another night.
I see you.
I honor you.
I know.

Whatever you are doing is already enough.

Hearing a cry for mama, changed me forever.
I created a callous fast enough to compartmentalize my grief, as I quickly had to surge into the threat of losing more life.

I realized... this community often doesn't protect the mothers.
You are next on this list, looked over, assumed to have it all figured out, an endless resource.

I panicked. The Revolution came and I had no army?
It's funny how generations of grief come through.
Showing up like 2nd cousins at the BBQ.

I thought I was strong, but something about the threat of white supremacist reminded me of hundreds of years ago, and I remembered. I remembered what all the mamas saw.

I heaved tears for them.

Sometimes with my cheek to earth, begging her to hold me up, I was alone.
I found words in scriptures that felt familiar.
I listened to Nina Simone.
I rocked like my mama did.
I wailed.
I shook.

Baseball bat near me while I slept.

Often the Black Womyn are the last ones to get checked up on. Cause we are solid, cause we have to be. Have to work double as hard to get the same rate. Have to hold in too many tongues. Get pushed aside for the next young thing. Are seen as "strong".

Those days are never coming back, am I right?

I will not allow it. I will stand with you to heal our communities from the inside, alongside the Grandmothers. The seedholders. The storytellers.


By Sarah White

So I had this dream.

After 2 weeks of ultimate insanity, from covid to riot gear, this whirlwind...

I found myself a target.

At the spark of a revolution I feel like I was born for, many of us were (I'm not special), I am Black in the middle of a racial and spiritual war.

All my meditation did not prepare me for this.

Anyways, I slept for one hour, and woke up abruptly to the words: Molecular Fire hazard. I had to wake up because I didn't know what it meant.

Well what makes a molecule flammable, must contain carbon and hydrogen, sweet babies bond and to make carbon dioxide.

We need a certain amount of heat to make change at that point.

So in this example, heat is the trigger for change.


All my studies and dreams begin to make sense.

After we Abolish the Police, can we check the neighbor, the Education System?

Here's my short version of an ideal direction..

We open School ECOsystems.

- Body Intelligence

- Food Justice (farming, seed saving, ritual, culinary fairies)

- Breathwork

- Art for Social Change

- World Relational Fields (No one is an immigrant on Stolen Land)

- Defense : Martial Arts, Community Security

- Sound : Music, Beats, Frequencies

- Nonviolent Communication

- Words (for Play, Movements, Expression, Education)

- Sciences

Let’s trade the lunchrooms for gardens. Hydroponic during the cold times.

Rigid tables swapped with wool blankets and sheepskin rugs (from local farmers of color).

Daily meditation.

Social Responsibility.

Instead of time-out, we talk about our feelings?

That way there is no shame in anger, fear, sadness and instead the focus is on neuroplasticity and healing from past generations.

Finding God in our hearts.

Anyways, it woke me up, and then I rested my eyes back to sleep.

Y'all ready?