The Anthology 

A Poem for Mr. George Floyd

By Oya Mae Duchess-Davis


Say his name

George Floyd

Forgive me brother for I am not well/ It is hard for me to get out there and

fight in the way I want to

I can hear them screaming your name from down the block

Right down the street

What I would give to be down there

What I would’ve given to have been down there with you/ for you that night

As you searched

Say his name

George Floyd

I refuse to press play

How can I

I have walked those streets so many times

Stood outside that bus stop

Pretty sure I had my first kiss there

Cup Foods/ use to go there to get rent

Don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk up there again/ least not for a while

I have seen those cops/ seen them multiple times/ seen how they look at us/ one time they asked me if I was drunk/ I was walking down the street/ I was just about to walk into Cup Foods when they came/ they had seen me cross the street/ called me drunk instead of disabled/ I assume that mistake had to do with my blackness

I was scared in that moment/ As they approached me

I can’t even imagine how you felt

I hope one of my people came for you

All I wanna do is fight/ All I wanna do is run down the street/ beat my chest / scream your name/

But I cannot move/ cannot breathe/ I freeze

As I lay searching for breath from a rape/ you lay searching for breath

searching for anyone that seemed familiar anyone that could help

Someone call 911 on 911/ the cops ain't suppose to be doing that

Or maybe they are

Say his name

George Floyd

As your life drifted you searched

I hope you found someone

I’ve known a lot of people who have died in those streets

Some of them fell like you/ too soon

My family has lived there for generations/ we the original Ken and Norms / Grand daughter of Norm / I hope you get a chance to meet him

My grandparents died in they house/ just down the streets/ I hope you saw them/ I hope one of my people came to you

I hope they get you home / until then welcome to the Bryant neighborhood

End of play