The Anthology 

Blood Meridian

By E.G Bailey

What is this body you so desperately want
to kill? What will you do with my flesh
but let it rot, in the streets,
for the world to see? What do you
want of my blood that spills
from bullet holes gargling a river,
singing my name? What want you
of this breath you want to snatch from me
like a thief? What haunting memory
are you trying to kill? What hellhounds
lurk behind those fears that paint
targets on my back? What bloodlust
begs for my sacrifice? What flame
will burn away your loveless desires
that you may be born again?
What hunger still to satisfy
before the scent of my joy
brings no reprisals of bullets,
bended knees or killing jokes?
What manner of man
would I become were it not
for your insatiable need that drinks
this life from me?