The Anthology 

Dear George Perry Floyd

By Nothando Zulu

Dear George Perry Floyd,

I have thought about what story to tell about what happened to you! To us!

I was thinking that maybe there was a story about a mother and her child. BECAUSE:

I heard you call to your mother with your last breaths;

And, the way you called to her; I felt that she was right there with you, telling you, “Come on baby, you don’t have to take this. Take my hand and let’s go”. And she wrapped her arms around you and brought you home with her!

But, I could not think of or find a story that would tell the story well enough. I kept seeing the look on Chauvin’s face, evil. I heard your voice, and I heard other people imploring that evil to let you breath! The longer I saw that face of Chauvin in my mind’s eye, the story of sister goose started to come to the forefront. So, dear Perry, Sister Goose!

You see, one day Sister Goose was swimming in the local public pool. While she was swimming, “Bro’ Fox came along and said, “You can’t swim in this pool.” And of course, Sister Goose replied, “Yes, I can. This is a public pool, and everybody can swim here!” Bro’ Fox said, “Everybody can’t swim here! Only us foxes and our family and friends can swim here!” Sister Goose yelled, “That is not true! This is a PUBLIC pool, and all of us animals can swim here! It’s the law! If you don’t leave me alone and let me swim in peace, I am going to take you to court for harassment!” Bro Fox retorted, “go ahead, I’ll see you in court! So in a few days, Sis Goose appeared in court to present her case. As she walked in, she looked for her attorney. He was there and he was a fox. She looked over at the prosecutor and saw that he was a fox. The jury filed in, and they were all foxes. And the judge was a fox. Sister Goose was not to be deterred! She knew she had rights, and she had a right to swim in the public pool! She eloquently presented her case to the judge and the jury. And the judge and jury found her guilty! They executed her and picked her bones!

Brother Perry, when the lawyers, judges, and jury are all foxes, there is no justice for Sister Goose!

BUT never fear! All of those who are marching and working in their different ways, calling your name and the names of all the others – they will make sure that the foxes are in the minority and ineffective! They will bring peace and justice to you all!

Nothando Zulu