The Anthology 

My Voice Box Rocks

By Truth

My voice box rocks 
like speakers down blocks
vibrating beyond time kept on clocks

Words reach out like hands to hold your face
inner-active on the mic energize'n the space

Expansive and contracting, kinetically attractive
like passion created between the drum and the bass

Traced as star trails, linked to brain cells
D.N.A wells deep
where the water of life ripens a nectar rising
Riding inner light rails, the soul sails
awakening is so surprising,refreshing as drum beats 

To carry us on our journey
as we cell journal, a scroll to unravel
To know thyself as we earthly travel

B-girl, B-boy the bliss of pain and joy
The chakra up rock wheels of transformation
that won't stop...can't stop!
We live the most ancient remix
with volumes of cosmic song
sampled in a blood drop

The wheels of life spinning
so seamless that won't stop
the electric-boogaloo double helix

So let your voice box rock!
vibrate boombox, strong and steady
as a reggae one drop on & on....
improvise a Sankofa moonwalk
freestyle a language your child-self talks

Translated in waves
and sun rays
In the last breath of a beloved elder
and the power of a newborn child's gaze

Translated through soil,water,wind,and
creative spasm,protest,tears....
and body orgasim

Shi-bidy, be-bop, we rock,shooby-do....
guess what?!
The most important one to love is you
Be your needle in your groove
with nothing to prove

So let our voice boxes
planet rock with
audacious purpose
confident even if nervous
'cuz we got this

If but for nothing else
but soul service
so our cosmic ancestral family
can spot this
love beacon we're send'n
and seek'n, by way of live'n and breath'n
with intention, time travel'n
simply by speak'n
words become flesh memory
manifest word sound power
Let it be!