The Anthology 


Verse - Toki Wright
From Sleep Sinatra’s “Vibranium” [2016]

By Toki Wright

Peace brethren
In the city it’s harder to sleep brethren
Whenever police present
They draw weapons like the School of Art
Say something smart you might get blew apart
And wonder how the movement starts
Just a spark to light the fire inside
Giving sight to the blind when it’s eye for an eye
We came out of them boats close
Then we spread to both coasts
Caught up in the crosshairs the scope
So who’s really the Enemy and who’s the Public
To the republic which it stands when they kill your clan
Recognize the change in clothes
They traded in their hoods for the badges and the robes
And they quarantine the hood to protect themselves
Brutalize anyone that’s good to protect their wealth
They’ll never see the individual
When you rob a man, kill a man, label him a criminal