The Anthology 


By Chaka Mkali

Funeral processions/ mothers clutching casket handles/
Dignified in shambles/ numb in pain no answers/
The result/ of deadly force/ abused by fools with badges/
White supremacists/ with mental illness/ and mega privilege/
Can’t explain the pain/ galaxy of weight/
My hood displays the love/ I foster rage and hate/
Justice is overdue/ and I can hardly wait/
My people know the truth/ we speak it every day/
Politicians/ that’s cowards/ deliver fake flowers/
Helicopters they hover/ big brother/ state power/
Bullets floating endless/ victims mainly defenseless/
Not the aggressor/ they reckless/ police enforce oppression/
My life meaningless/ f—k it now/ get tomorrow/
Deep in sorrow/ my soul hollow/ no role models/
Cointel/ did ‘em well/ may they rot in hell/
They’ve been plotting our demise since we developed cells/