The Anthology 


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︎︎︎ 6/7/20 and 6/8/20
By Sarah White

︎︎︎What can I do
By ShaVunda Brown

︎︎︎Through Skin
By Alexei Moon Casselle

︎︎︎Grandfather Smiles
︎︎︎Power in the Blood
By Baba Louis Alemayehu

︎ Raise Up
By Joe Davis

By Amoke Kubat

︎ Jimmy From Down in Mississippi
By Carlyle Brown

︎ When The Smoke Clears
By Atlese Robinson

︎ A Good Half of Them and Their Kin
By Mary Moore Easter

︎ We Are Together In A Lush Place
By Michael Kleber-Diggs

︎A Poem for Mr. George Floyd
By Oya Mae Duchess-Davis