The Anthology 

Through Skin

By Alexei Moon Casselle
aka Cresent Moon

Through skin
hrough muscle
through bone

The wound cannot heal
until the parts that are dying
or already dead
have been cut away
and the body
given time to regenerate.

But who has the patience to talk about healing       
when praying and pleading  
leads to batons and bullets?

Or worse:

Who has the patience to talk about healing, when
To Serve and Protect
Never meant

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

If yes, we retain the right to deny you
the right to vote
life, liberty
pursuit of happiness.

If no, see above.

Who has the patience to talk about healing
when the United States won’t even legalize
being Black?

But we are not the wound.
We are the medicine to heal it.
Like any wound deep enough
the first step to healing
is acknowledgement.