The Anthology 


By Alexs Pate

What are we now?
Still childful
Tear streaks dried
Not alone
The center of all
Yet scattered
Battered and scarred
But as Hughes said
“Still here”
Holding hands
Praying in a dream
Of smoke
That clears with the sun

It happened

He had no fear
No concern.
It was the same
Last week
Last month
Last year
We prayed the dream
“the leaves”
Lucille said
“Believe letting go
Is grace”
But Baraka told us
The answer to prayer
Was in itself sometimes

It happened again

All heroes die
Of this we have proof
And we celebrate
Knowing something we
Knew before. All along
We knew.
This is why we are beautiful
Why our children glow
Why we move
Why we love
Why we will rewrite
And revise
On this ground
Our lovely colors hold
He should have been afraid
He should have known
He was making something
In the mist of a viral stage
And in the eternity of 8:46
Everything changed


In an instant
This small place with lakes
Became a voice amplified
By fathers and mothers
By brothers and sisters

“We are,” it said
“We are.
Time has come and gone
You must now
Learn to love us
Better than your
Own self.