The Anthology 

We Ain’t Scared

By Chaka Mkali

Ain't scared/ prepared for revolution/
Need change/ range and evolution/
Except no substitutions
Problems need real solutions/
In spaces/ facing/ the most racist/
When power is questioned/ we see hatred/
Subversive/ flagrant/ they engaging/
Show weakness/ frequent/ we impatient/
Justice and been vacant/
No time to be complacent/
Seize power for the taking/
Sleepers have been awakened/
Gunned down by enforcers of capitol/
Run down/ the schools we have to go/
On the block with the criminals
If you poor and you black it’s political/ pivotal

Ready and willing/ steady and able
Gun in the holster dead on the poster
Fear on the minimum ride the millennium
Panther mentality fight to the finishing
/ Freedom or death is the motive I'm focused/ the slogan it's potent
My sunroof is open it’s Molotov cocktails I'm tossing and throwing
/ Righteous infectious/ we are protected
We are connected/ we are electric
Power to the people/ we ain't selected

We elected
Magnetic in the trenches athletic/
Heavy trauma on the mind like a bad medic
Collective/ eclectic/ we gon set it
From the streets to the suite yeah we gon set it