The Anthology 

We Are

By Harry Waters Jr.

We are working on this
We are here for a Moment of Silence
We are in the moment of new Now
We are
working with words
selecting ideas
looking for themes
finding ways to move
ways to stay
ways to share

We are finding
ways to be caring and committed
ways to hear sounds ring around our spaces

To be Immediate, Honest, Futuristic,
To Uplift the light in the Darkness

To face Struggle,
To be in Community,
To hold Resilience,
To express Truth

To enact Change and find Laughter in the Rain ….

We are finding Freedom

We are Words/Ideas/prompts/quests/options/desires/possibilities/and

Are we prepared
Are we really prepared
Are we readily prepared
Are we readily positioned
Are we rationally positioned
Are we rationally conditioned
Are we relationally conditioned
Are we relationally ready
Are we really ready
Are we ready

We continue to ask
For what? Because of what? In spite of what?
Change is what we thirst for /what we are starving for/
yearning and desperate for/reaching and teaching for

why we are in community

We must answer and complete for ourselves
We must name these things/ we must call them out

We are
the only we that we have
We are the ones we are the twos
we are the sevens and  the eights
the twenties, forties, hundreds and thousands

We are the WE