The Anthology 

What Can I do

By ShaVunda Brown

Light and Life bringers

On the frontlines


And bring me the children

And we’ll sing songs of self-love

And long for liberation

And explore the meanings of protest, rebellion,

Self-reliance and self care

With laughter and raised fist,

like rosebuds before bloom

Bring me the female identified

And my fingertips on their scalps

Will sing negro spirtuals

moisturized with anointing oil

I’ll dance to sleep

their weary feet with may palms,

a literal psalm of protection

begat by Sisterhood

Bring me the male identified

And I’ll give rise to their bellies

With juicy whole foods

Spiced by the continent that is home to all humanity

And recite poems to praise their resilience, honor and swag

In service, I lend myself

A healing balm for my community

And a spiritual bomb

That disrupts those that wish to oppress our voices

Our sources of power

Our stories stay lifted

On my tongue

Now until the dawning of the sun

It’s what I

A Mother, A Healer and Griot can do